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Yerba Santa is a sticky leaf plant that is native to the southwestern United States whose leaves are considered sacred in Native American and some Spanish cultures. Yerba Santa bundles are burned to protect against illnesses, purify spaces and to enhance beauty. It is used for healing and to remove negative energies around you. Great herb to be used to promote courage. These Smudge sticks are also burned to increase psychic powers, consecration, Spirituality, healing, love, beauty and protection. This uplifting herb is also knows as Holly Herb and Sacred Herb. Its scent is sweeter than white sage, so is a great alternative for people that find white sage aroma too pungent or strong. 
On the therapeutic side, Yerba Santa treats respiratory conditions. 
Sizes of the smudge sticks vary from4-5”
Choose the quantity you like.

Yerba Santa

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