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Wash Wizard uses bio-ceramic technology to change the pH level of the water in your washing machine to increase the alkalinity and remove dirt & stains naturally. It creates a natural hydrogen peroxide type effect that that destroys bacteria & odors in your laundry. Each Ball can last up to 1000 washes giving you up to 5 years of laundry, saving you money with every use!Stop Throwing Money Away on Detergent.Once in the washer, the Wash Wizard immediately begins to break down molecules in stains. Best of all, you won’t be paying tons of money just to get clean clothes. Wash Wizard could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Wash Wizard is your all-in-one solution to fresh clothes.Here is what Wash Wizard does for you:Saves You MoneySuper Easy-to-UseLasts 1500 WashesGreat for Sensitive SkinEliminates Odor, Bacteria & MildewKeeps Your Clothes BrightReduces Rust & Lime Build Up in Washers And what’s so incredible about Wash Wizard is that it compatible with any washer. Including any front or top load washer. No measuring detergent or hassle, just throw it in & leave worries behind.Americans waste thousands of dollars on laundry. Detergents companies love to keep you buying gallons & gallons of detergent each year. Wash Wizard can do up to 1500 loads every year, saving you money every week.

Wash Wizard

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