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Lobelia is the most powerful relaxant in the herd kingdom. It removes obstructions from any part of the body, including the blood vessels. It relieves dry, barking or hacking coughs and helps loosen hardened mucous.

It has also been used for:

Arthritis                                   Muscle Irritation                     Asthma

Nervousness                            Bronchitis                                Pain    

Circulation                               Perspiration                             Colds


RespiratoryRespiratory: C-FU, Comfrey Fenugreek, NVS, Black Seed, Slippery Elm, Red Clover, Nettle Mullein, Lobelia, Garlic, Irish Moss, Hyssop                                                        Pneumonia                              Congestion

Ear Infections                          Spasms                                    Fever

Urination                                 Whooping Cough                    Lockjaw                     

Lung Irritation                         Worms


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