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Korean Red Ginseng is the “King of the Tonics.” It stimulates the entire body and body and slows down the aging process.

It has been used for:

Age SpotsAge Spots: Fo-Ti-Tieng, Gotu Kola, FE-Y, RH, SH, SK-F                                          Hearing                      Rejuvenation

Aging                          Heart                           Sex Stimulant             

Anemia                        Longevity                   Stress

Blood Pressure            Memory                     Virility            

Cholesterol                  Hemorrhage                Vision                         

Circulation                  Hormone Imbalance    Vomiting                    

Coughs                        Colds                           Nausea

Depression                  Diabetes                      Nerves

Endurance                   Prostate Problems       Frigidity


  • 100 VCPS

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