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The Swarovski head of this wristband has a magnet at its bottom and is thus designed to be detachable and attachable at any time. However, most of the heads are glued to its groove to avoid being lost.
Unlike stretchable silicone wristbands, these kinds of wristbands combine the stretchability of silicone and the convenience of wrist watches and are thus called snap-in wristbands. In addition, the head of this wristband is ornamented with shiny Swarovski jewelry, which adds elegance to both the wristband and the wearer.
As in the Dr-ion wristbands of single and dual designs, these wristbands are also constructed from the highest grade silicone on the market and emits more than 2200 negative ions per cubic centimeters.
Available in various colors, each bracelet comes encased in a black wooden box that features the Dr-ion logo and brand in golden color on its surfaces. As a perfect companion for your health and daily activities, the Dr-ion negative ion snap-in wristband is also a perfect gift for people you really care.
Also called Power Wristband/Bracelet, Energy Wristband/Bracelet or Health Wristband/Bracelet, the Dr-ion`s negative ion wristband/bracelet is ultra light, very flexible and fashionable.
Materials: Powdered REE (or REM) stone, high grade pure silicone, and stainless steel (with or without Chrome plating)

Dr. Ion Wristbands with Clasp (Bling-Bling) NEGATIVE ION WRISTBAND W/ CLASP

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