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Herb Infused Oils

Urban Apothecary And Spiritual Empowerment Center

About Nile Valley Wellness

We are a holistic wellness community serving the urban families for over 7years. Located in Long Beach, Ca we pride ourselves in providing a sacred healing for everyone. Our mission is to encourage mental, physical, and spiritual wellness through holistic lifestyle. Our vision is to empower urban communities around the globe through Afrikan Natural Lifestyle!

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From One on One nutrition and life coaching, to virtual and in person group workshops. We make mental wellness fun and convenient.


Meal Plan and Meal Prep?

Organic natural herbs?

Fitness Classes and Private Training?


We got you Covered!


DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START? Spiritual Guidance available.

Divination, energy, natal chart readings and sooo much more!!!


Mind your Business

90 min | 11$

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"Be and let BE...Live and Let LIVE!"

Nile Valley Wellness

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